Our Mission

From an operational perspective, the implementation phase will have three requirements:

1- Capitalize on both the wide-ranging expertise gathered within the framework of the “More Water for Sahel” Initiative and the “Water and Fragility in Sahel” Project, presented to the Paris Peace Forum, and on the strength of established working links with multiple national and international entities.

2- Coordinate and implement a set of actions that will progressively lay the foundations for “Oases of Life” which will be able to benefit from :

  • Safe and sustainable ad hoc water infrastructures.

  • A set of water sharing and exploitation solutions to meet the needs of both pastoral and farmer populations.

  • More qualified water specialists and experts.

  • An improved access to water resources for both human beings and livestock.

3- Manage integrated multidisciplinary project teams to  add value in the following fields:

  • Exploration,  by:

    • Developing multidisciplinary approaches that integrate a diversity of high level competencies.

    • Providing to the scientific community the possibility to safely operate in identified areas in order to fully take advantage of their respective expertise

    • Promoting the ownership of water issues by local institutions and actors.

    • Valuing the primacy of scientific analyses.   

  • Education, by:

    • Coordinating and consolidating a long term effort of education & training for all relevant actors.

    • Consolidating the transmission of knowledge and expertise.

    • Developing and harmonizing methods for water resources management  in various contexts.

  • Governance,  by:

    • Structuring, protecting and operationalizing knowledge and data management

    • Increasing the  success rate of water drilling operations.

    • Reducing water loss and improving social water management.

    • Improving monitoring and evaluation projects.

    • Ensuring an improved and sustainable access to water resources for population and livestock.