Ours Projects

The “Water and Fragility in the Sahel” Project has been selected by the 2018 Paris Peace Forum. This formalizes our willingness to contribute to an open and constructive debate on Water and Peace relationship in fragile and poorly secured areas.

The project explores new solutions to address the following questions:

– How to address water management issues in complex areas?

– How to promote and carry out change?

– How to facilitate the improvement of water governance?

– How to improve local population involvement in decision-making processes ?

– How to articulate the levers for  the international community to act constructively in these complex areas?

– How to put the latest advancements in water science & technology at the service of the poorest populations of the Sahel region?

– What is the best scale to address water issues, considering the predominant local dimension?

– How to get out of the spiral when the lack of water is compounded by fragility, weak governance and instability?

All these issues are addressed by the “Water and Fragility in the Sahel” project which advances tangible and practical solutions to avoid the downward spiral, and will apply an integrated multisectoral approach of:

  1. research programs,
  2. training cycles,
  3. water management projects,

 in accordance to the three key pillars  (exploration, education and governance).